Car Dash Camera Videos

We have some high quality dash cameras that represent great value to our customers.

This page will show you the videos from our cameras in daylight and low light situations to help you make the correct decision that suits you when you purchase one of our dash board cameras.

We will start with the Full HD cameras including the A8 GPS, the EHD69 GPS dash cam followed by the EHD65. The 65 and 69 have the same video quality, the only difference is the EHD69 DVR has the GPS function.

If you have any questions about our DVR’s please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 0412 933 455 or email [email protected]

View our YouTube channel here…

Once the video starts you can click on the Settings “cog”, at the bottom of the video to change the resolution from 360P to 1080P Full HD.