Which Is The Best Dash Cam For My Vehicle?

Cameras are not just for cars, all our cameras are suitable for all vehicles but some cameras perform better than others and have different features so it is important to choose carefully.

Front & Rear LensTake a Taxi for example, they might want a camera that records the behaviour inside the vehicle as well as the road ahead. If that’s the case the MD-400¬† might be a better choice because the rear camera can be rotated to video the inside of the vehicle from the rear windscreen.

A 7 metre lead is supplied to go from the front camera to the rear of the vehicle. The rear cameras rotates so you can see what is going on out the back of the vehicle or inside the vehicle. It produces a High Definition video and is very reliable. It has all the features of a good dash cam such as motion detection, G Sensor and seamless recording and represents great value, especially keeping in mind it is a 2 channel camera.

DVR black box  dash cameras are also a great tool for trucks and buses, you may want to know where your drivers have been and how fast they drive your truck or bus so the best dash cam to track route and speed is an A8 or the EHD69. Both these cameras have GPS which will show you on Google Maps the speed and route taken and it is all in Full High Definition.


If you want a camera that suits any vehicle you cannot go past the V8 Full High Definition dash camera. It looks great and can take a pounding, unlike most car black boxes it is housed in a two tone anodised aluminium case. It is easy to use and is well priced.

If you were thinking of putting a camera in your children’s car then the A7 is the one for you. At only $85 you cannot go past this trendy little High Definition camera with the rotating lens. Young people love to look back on the trip and parents can commandeer it to check their on road behaviour.

Dash cameras can provide hard evidence if an accident or road rage incident happens.

A7 Large Screen

Having a camera in your car is always in the back of your mind and because of that it makes you more aware of how you drive, so give it some thought and make the right choice for your vehicle.



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