Why Most Front & Rear Dash Cam Combos Are Useless


Blurry vision is useless when trying to identify a number plate

We often get enquiries from customers looking for a front and rear dash cam package or dual camera as they’re sometimes known.

Front view dash cams suit most people’s needs because they provide additional protection in the event of a traffic accident. Front facing dash cams are very useful when you need to prove that you are not the one at fault. In the event of an accident where someone runs into the rear of your vehicle, the law almost always protects the driver who sustained rear damage.

There are some occasions however where customers desire a front and rear dash cam combo. We have spent alot of time and effort testing front and rear combos and the problem we always come up against is the poor picture quality of these units. The rear dash cam is always of very poor quality, with the definition being either 480p or 640p…perhaps you may be lucky to find a 720p unit, but this is still not good enough.

It is highly recommended that your dash cam is full HD 1080p resolution, whether front or rear facing. The poorer quality units are unlikely to clearly pick up the number plate details of the offending vehicle in many instances, rendering the footage completely useless if the offender “does a runner” on you.

We refuse to stock inferior quality product, so instead we created our own full HD 1080p front and rear dash cam combos. We simply supply 2 full HD 1080p dash cams and 2 memory cards. The front facing Hewlett Packard dash cam has GPS tracking to track your speed in the event of an accident. The rear facing does not have GPS (because you already have it on your front dash cam) but is still full HD 1080p. We also include a triple socket adaptor which transforms your cigarette lighter so it has the capability to run more than one power input at a time, allowing both of the dash cams to run at once. We believe this combo gives complete protection on the road.

The dash cams will begin recording automatically as soon as there is power in the ignition. For most, this is when the ignition is switched on. On more modern cars, the power is active in the ignition as soon as you press your remote central locking button.

With the inclusion of the 32gb memory card, your front cam will record up to 6 hrs of footage in total. The rear cam comes with a 16gb memory card. Once the memory card is full, the recording loops back to the start, recording over the oldest footage first so you always have up to your most recent driving footage recorded. Footage is recorded in short increments (generally 5-10 mins which can be adjusted on the cam settings) so you don’t have to trawl through one big video file to find an incident.

Whilst there are many cheap as chips units on the market, they are simply of very poor quality. They are unlikely to last in Australian conditions and they not able to be relied upon if an incident does occur.

We have two front & rear dash cam combos. Both are 1080p Full HD, with the Premium combo including a GPS dash cam to monitor speed.

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